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Winter Months And Carp - Best Bait To Use

Fishing during the wintertime is something that will require you to change up your summertime strategies. If you are going to fish for carp, during the winter their metabolism is very slow, making them lethargic at best. As a result of this, you need to try different types of carp bait to successfully catch them during the wintertime.

Many anglers use rock salt on a wide variety of bait in order to attract carp to their lines; this works best during the winter months, especially when using all-natural salt. Pastes, pellets, and maggots are also great types of bait to use. Salt bags made from PVC can also help you when carp fishing during the winter.

Syrup or anything sweet is also appealing to a carp, especially when mixed with egg, white boilies, and fluoro. Since carp are attracted to anything sweet, this will help improve your chances of reeling them in during a wintertime fishing trip.

If you want to use maggots, this is something that carp fish are very attracted to. PVA mesh bags with maggots, and an assortment of grubs, will make a perfect addition to the end of your hook, especially when balanced with rubber grubs.

Spicy foods are also extremely delectable to carp, something that you can pick up at an Asian store in your area. Spices like masala, turmeric, coriander, and garlic are useful when creating bait for carp. It's also useful with boilies, maggots, and grubs all mixed together.

Corn is an all-time favorite with most carp fishermen, mostly because of the success rate that they will have; as a result of the shape and colour of corn, it seems to attract carp regardless of the time of year or where they are located. This is one of the most commonly used, and most successful, types of bait for carp used by anglers today.

Almost every type of bait will work with carp because they are omnivores; you can also use bread and have very good success. Once you arrive where the carp are located, make sure to check with locals and see what type of bait they have been using. Some local areas use a particular type of bait with a certain flavour, which means you need to know what that is in order to be successful on your fishing trip in that area.

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